First Visit

The office of West Augusta Dental Associates is open
Friday 7am-3pm

If your goal is to have a routine dental examination and cleaning, we will schedule you with one of our hygienists to do the cleaning and take any necessary or periodic X-Rays. Following the cleaning you will have an examination by one of our dentists, who will review any problems or concerns you have, as well as perform a complete check of your mouth and teeth for any cavities, broken teeth, or other oral issues.

If you have a more specific problem that you would like addressed, including any dental emergencies or pain, we will schedule you with one of our dentists. Typically we can get you an appointment that day or the next convenient time for you. We will do a quick, problem-focused exam of your problem and make a treatment recommendation. In some cases, we can initiate treatment that will solve the problem at the initial exam. In other cases, we can initiate the first step of a longer process that will solve more complex problems.

Therefore your first appointment depends on your needs. In fact, your experience with us will be based on your needs and your goals for your mouth. You will never have a dentist, hygienist, or assistant in our practice pressure you into having any dental treatment that you do not want or any dental treatment that does not fit into your budget. 

We recommend you bring with you a list of your current medical prescriptions. Bring any necessary dental insurance form or insurance identification card. A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under 18 for the initial visit. IF YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD BY A DOCTOR THAT YOU NEED ANTIBIOTIC COVERAGE FOR DENTAL APPOINTMENTS, alert our office when you make your appointment so we can call in a prescription.

Click the link below to access our new patient paperwork:

New Patient Paperwork