How We Treat Patients

West Augusta Dental Associates is truly a unique practice because we are very proficient doing general dentistry, including dentistry for children and teenagers, as well as cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. We have an in-house dental laboratory with five full time experienced technicians. Two of our technicians has worked for West Augusta Dental Associates for over 25 years each.  Practically all advanced cosmetic and implant procedures utilize a dental laboratory to actually fabricate the porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, or implant supported restorations. By having our own in-house laboratory, we can maintain excellent quality control. There are very few dental practices in the country that have an in-house laboratory doing crown and bridge cases as well as denture and partial denture cases.

However, we are not a procedure oriented practice; we are a patient oriented practice.

If a patient wants a beautiful new smile, we can help them achieve that. But we respect the fact that some patients just want pain free function. We will never try to adapt our technology to you; we will treat your mouth according to your desires and your budget. We know that many families have financial needs other than their dental needs and that families have to make decisions based on budget. Some dental practices have invested so much capital in high technology equipment that the practices have to do a large volume of comprehensive cosmetic based dentistry in order to fund their technology investment. Our practice growth has come because we satisfy a very high percentage of the patients we treat. We emphasize quality control and we incorporate new technology into our practice only if the technology actually improves our treatment. Our dentists and technicians can restore your mouth using sound principles and quality control, not by using computer based technology that is promoted as the latest and greatest cutting edge technology.