Orthodontics and Clear Aligners

We are proud to offer clear aligner orthodontic treatment for adults in our office using the SureSmile Aligner system, which is similar to Invisalign but often requires fewer trays!  

We also work with several orthodontic specialty offices in the area for treatment of kids and teenagers, and adults needed needing more involved treatment.  

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What is SureSmile Aligners?

SureSmile Aligners is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses clear aligners to slowly shift teeth into proper alignment to improve your smile and its function. It’s a less invasive alternative to traditional metal braces.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are made of clear, comfortable plastic that is free from BPA and PVC. The aligners straighten upper and/or lower teeth to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing smile.

The dentist replaces the aligners, which are custom-made to fit your teeth, as your teeth begin to shift.

What are the benefits of SureSmile Aligners?

SureSmile Aligners provide numerous advantages over metal braces. These aligners:

  • Are clear so many people won’t know you’re wearing them
  • Are removable, so you can take them out when you eat and brush your teeth
  • Don’t irritate your mouth and gums like metal braces can
  • Are comfortable
  • Cost less than traditional metal braces
  • Straighten teeth to restore your smile

Metal braces may still be a good option in cases where teeth are severely crooked or misaligned, but aligners have a clear advantage when minor tooth movement is all you need.

How do SureSmile Aligners work?

After an initial consultation, the dentist lets you know if you’re a good candidate for SureSmile Aligners. If you are, he takes a mold of your teeth and sends it to a dental lab where they create custom-made aligners.

Once the aligners are ready, you wear them for 22 hours a day. You can take them out to eat and brush and floss your teeth.

The aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth, slowly shifting them into a desirable position. The number of aligners you need varies, as each case is different.

After 2-3 weeks of wearing original aligners, you move on to the next set. Treatment may last as little as 3-6 months, depending on how crooked or misaligned your teeth are. After your teeth reach the desired positions, you wear retainers to ensure they stay in place.

When you’re ready to find out if SureSmile Aligners are right for you, call West Augusta Dental Associates to set up a consultation!